Want to contact me? Great! Use the form below. Before reaching out, be sure to check out the guidelines below. If you send me spam, PR requests or any of the other undesirable items listed, I will be very angry and will unleash the wrath of the internet gods on you.

Please note: I do not get paid for mentioning any specific places in my posts and I do not pay for guest posts.

If you meet the requirements below, fill out the form to contact me! You also can connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.

DO contact me with:

  • Accolades
  • Nicely worded constructive criticism
  • Requests for my freelance writing services
  • Reports of unicorn sightings (with pictoral proof, of course)
  • Pie or bbq recipes

DO NOT contact me with:

  • Press releases and requests to cover your PR/marketing topic du jour
  • Unconstructive criticism and rants, including inappropriate or hateful messages
  • Spam (Both email and food versions. Yuck.)
  • False unicorn sightings
  • Tofu recipes


Contact Slices of Py:

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