Fun Friday: Dog in Georgetown

It’s Friday. You made it through this unseasonably cold, snowy work week. For that, you deserve something fun. Therefore, I bring you…


What can be more fun than a happy, frolicking dog in a public fountain? I spotted this athletic pup while dealing with a killer case of jet lag one Sunday morning and he made me laugh so hard I almost fell over. I was on mile five of an eight mile walk and couldn’t resist stopping to cheer on this guy when I encountered him at the Georgetown waterfront in Washington, D.C.

Back and forth, back and forth, he kept running underneath the water stream arch, then scampered back directly in the water streams while biting at them. It took all my restraint not to run over there and bite at the water with him, but I didn’t want to scare him… because an enthusiastic, crazy-looking woman running at you in public likely would scare anyone.

It’s not the average day you get to witness such sheer, unbridled joy! Wheeeee! Enjoy the prancing pup and have a joy-filled weekend!

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