Fun Friday: Nashville Food

Waffles with pulled porkOK readers, this is a quick post. I wanted to remind you that I ate waffles with pulled pork, bacon, and bourbon maple syrup while traveling in Nashville and you did not. Check out that pork-on-pork action! Do you need more convincing that the food there is amazing? I sure hope not or I’ll have to question your taste buds.

Throughout the city, restaurants take traditional Southern comfort foods, in this case pulled pork, and mix it up with a modern twist. I experienced similar inventions with mac and cheese (using penne pasta and smoked gouda cheese), fried okra (lightly fried, less greasy), and a dish I eyed lustily but didn’t try: sweet potato french toast.

Visit Nashville and go hungry. Your mouth and your belly will thank you. While you’re there, remember to munch on some of the famous hot chicken… if you can handle it.

2 thoughts on “Fun Friday: Nashville Food

  1. I can’t envision pulled pork and waffles but the Mac and cheese sounded wonderful- couldn’t be as good as the mac and cheese at the The Yard House in Florida but nothing will ever top that – perhaps it was the company as well as the food! Mil


    • The mac and cheese really was wonderful! You’ll have to try this version, I think you would love it. As far as the pork and waffles, I was skeptical at first but figured it was so unusual I had to give it a shot! Glad I did. Your son liked it too, but he ate the meat and waffle separately, not together.


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