To Market We Go

<sniff, sniff>

What’s that I smell? Oh, it appears I’ve sniffed out a market! How completely random and unexpected!

Lies. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know I’m obsessed with markets. So it should come as no surprise that my first day in Vancouver involved heading over to Granville Island and checking out the famous public market.

You can get to one entrance by taking a two-minute ferry from downtown.
Granville Island dockOr get to another entrance by walking over a bridge and walking among some beautiful willow trees.
Granville Island entranceThe views of the city and of the mountains from the docks are beautiful.
Granville Island viewGranville Island dock and marinaGranville Island viewAnd then, my friends, you see the holy grail. The market in all its glory.
Granville Island MarketGranville Island MarketI got heart palpitations upon walking inside the building. So many foods! So many art items! And restaurants! Let’s just say I had a field day taking it all in and sampling the goods.
Granville Island Public MarketPierogies at Granville Island Public Market in VancouverSeafood at Granville Island Public MarketI had not heard of them before, but learned what fiddleheads are (unfurled, edible ferns)…
Fiddleheads at Granville Island Public Market…watched workers making bagels…
Making bagels at Granville Island Public Market…had an encounter with a boar’s head…
Meat and cheese vendor at Granville Island Public Market…admired all the different types of smoked fish and fish jerky…
Fish jerky at Granville Island Public Market…learned about specialty salts and spices…
Salts and spices at Granville Island Public Market…chatted with artists and artisans about their wares…
Granville Island Public Market…and stopped to smell the flowers.
Granville Island Public Market flowersThe island has more than just the amazing market. There are art galleries and an art school, and lots of shops.
Granville Island art galleryShops at Granville IslandBy now you should be able to understand why I spent so many hours on the island caught up in artsy, market-y, nature-y bliss. Granville Island, for the win!

One thought on “To Market We Go

  1. I loved your “market pictures”. I also could spend a day enjoying the food, people and artists.


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