Fun Friday: Prague’s Peeing Sculpture

Art takes on so many forms. Some of it is serious, some of it is humorous, but all of it is thought provoking. While going to the Kafka museum in Prague, I found myself staring rather intently at some penis-baring art in the museum’s courtyard. Not just penis-baring, but penis-baring-while-peeing art. And not just peeing, but pelvic-moving-while-peeing. Artist David Černý — well-known for his quirky, yet poignant, art — designed the piece so the two men pee into a pool shaped like the Czech Republic. According to the artist’s website, the bronze men’s moving pee streams write quotes from famous Czech residents in the water. Fancy that.

Instead of trying to have me explain it further, just watch the video below to understand why I — along with dozens and dozens of other people — were drawn in and erupted into fits of giggles while watching this kinetic sculpture, called “Streams.”

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