A Walk in the Forest… Um… Atlanta’s Airport

Walking through the Atlanta airport is so relaxing. So serene. So capable of putting you in touch with nature.

You probably think I’m drunk for saying that as you envision ATL: the gigantic airport and its throngs of running, yelling people scrambling to get somewhere and cursing when they get delayed. But I’m not drunk. There is a beautiful respite in that airport hidden among the chaos.

The recently completed art installation by Steve Waldeck treats those who skip the tram between Concourses A and B to a walk in a forest. Immerse yourself in the lush colors, visuals of birds flying overheard, simulated rain drops at your feet, and all the sounds of forest life. The installation is fittingly called “Flight Paths.” Get it? Flight paths of the birds overhead as well as airport flight paths! Yeah, you get it.

Should I have stopped to take high-quality, steady video and not subjected you to the bouncy, grainy, and *gasp* vertically-oriented video I shot while walking? Yeah, probably. But the flight I had just exited had been an hour late in arriving and I needed to get through that airport. So just settle down, turn up the volume on the video and appreciate the grainy, bouncy, vertically-oriented forest.

Although I was running late, I’m glad I followed Robert Frost’s wise words:

I skipped the tram, and I–

I took the ATL path less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Or something like that.

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