Because West Palm Beach

News Flash: I love hot weather. And sunshine. And good food. And the outdoors. OK, none of that is news at all. But all those wonderful things come together in one glorious place: West Palm Beach.

Of all the places I’ve traveled and all the places I adore, people ask why West Palm gets put on a pedestal. When I lived in Miami, the then-boyfriend-now-hubby lived in West Palm and I was there constantly. I’ve gone back nearly every year since moving north (twice in the past month alone). Sure, people snicker and ask why not skip West Palm and go to loud, happenin’ Miami instead? But I like chill West Palm Beach and I like that it isn’t Miami. I like the atmosphere and that not every person I encounter has had plastic surgery. People unfamiliar with Florida sometimes ask why I’d want to live among “all those old people.” I just shake my head and smile, silently amused that people buy into incorrect stereotypes of places they’ve never been. Part of West Palm’s allure is that you have to experience it to understand it doesn’t necessarily fit the unpleasant Florida stereotypes.

OK, so why West Palm Beach?

Because this is your view driving into downtown.
West Palm Beach

Because living downtown means this is your front yard. In January…
West Palm Beach waterfront

…And this is your balmy running/walking/hanging out/napping path. In January.
West Palm Beach waterfront

Because outdoor malls rock.
CityPlace mall in West Palm Beach

Because fantastic building murals add quirky character.
West Palm Beach mural

West Palm Beach mural

Because the holiday season brings giant sandcastles.
Sand castle Christmas tree

Mermaid sand sculpture

Because small shops and eateries on Clematis Street.
Clematis Street

Because the other end of Clematis Street offers the chance to splash in a dynamic, changing fountain.
Clematis Street fountain

Because just up the road is Juno Beach, where there’s a home built to look like a castle. A castle.
Castle house in Juno Beach

Juno Beach castle house

Because also in Juno Beach, 5 years ago, I got married. Right on the same beach where previously I sat silently in the dark one night while a sea turtle nested next to me and laid eggs, and one day I helped tiny, newly hatched turtles get to the ocean.Juno Beach wedding

Because chilling at a tiki bar is a perfectly legit way to pass an entire day…
tiki bar

…and night.
tiki bar

Because mahi mahi and grouper everything. Sandwiches tacos burritos salads fried grilled blackened delicious.
mahi mahi burrito

So when people ask me Why West Palm Beach?? I simply say Because… West Palm Beach!

One thought on “Because West Palm Beach

  1. All of the things you mentioned are true but they pale in comparison to my two favorite people getting married on the beach!


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