Fun Friday: Loud and Pink in Aruba

Sometimes a fun beach vacation also calls for a little local flavor. That’s why instead of staying in the popular resorts on the west coast of Aruba I opt for the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Oranjestad, which is surrounded by tasty local restaurants. I already blogged about how there’s a water taxi that docks in the hotel lobby to take visitors to the hotel’s private island and planes fly low directly over people in the boat. While exhilarating, that’s not even the best part…

The absolute best part is that a bunch of flamingos call the private island home and mingle with visitors on the beach! FLAMINGOS! Last time I was in Aruba the flamingos constantly honked at me. Probably because I chased them around wanting to interact with them, and they wanted nothing more than to tuck their beaks under their wings for a nap. But this year it was dinner time and I was just a speed bump on their journey to and from the ocean, where they voraciously scarfed down dinner. Enjoy the FUN FRIDAY FLAMINGO FEEDING FRENZY! (Try saying that five times fast!)

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