Wacky Nature in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a gorgeous country with endless experiences for nature enthusiasts. But some of them really stood out for making me laugh or do a double take.

Sometimes giant, twisting trees create beautiful patterns. I think the cross section kind of resembles fan coral.
Costa Rica treeSometimes seemingly nice trees you lean on let you know quickly that they actually are cranky, with huge thorns.
thorny tree in Costa RicaSometimes your trees require a warning sign when a road gets built around them. And sometimes if the sign is interpreted by goofballs like me, a person might believe it labels the tree “slow.” A slow tree. Poor tree. Haha. (OK, it literally means “slowly,” but still.)
Costa Rica slow treeSometimes you have to wait not for a chicken to cross the road, but tiny ants carrying flowers.
ants carrying flowersSometimes you have to wait not for a chicken or tiny ants to cross the road, but random horses.
horses crosses road Costa RicaAnd sometimes you just have to stand back and say, yep, nature truly is beautiful and amazing.
Guanacaste sunset

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