Fun Friday: Spinning Tops in West Palm Beach

This art spins you right round, baby, right round. Like a record, baby.

Um anyway, consider this Fun Friday installment a “Flashback Fun Friday” because it was supposed to post about six months ago and never did. Oops. Better late than never, except if you’re in West Palm Beach now it’s too late for you to go see the hands-on art exhibit for yourself.* I apologize for sucking, but please enjoy the visuals.

This is the Los Trompos (Spinning Tops) interactive art display that was set up in West Palm Beach in the summer of 2016. Visitors hop onto one of the 20 structures and push off for a fun, dizzying ride.
Los Trompos art display Los Trompos art display

The tops are woven from thick, colorful fabric cords, which are surprisingly strong! Mexican designers Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena wanted to blend a traditional toy that people around the world can identify with (a top) and part of their Mexican heritage (weaving).
Los Trompos art display

As you can tell by the squeals of young and old alike, the genius idea is a raging success.

*Los Trompos is a travelling exhibit. Search online to see if a Los Trompos installation will be visiting your area. 

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